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Official Visit Q&A

1.I am an NTU student and I would like to inquire about the following: (1) getting or renewing my student ID card or class attendance card, or replacing a lost one; (2) applying for official transcripts; (3) applying for a certificate of enrollment; (4) applying for leave/reinstatement.2021-07-29
2. I'd like to apply for scholarships, student loans, sick/personal leave, student insurance, or file a lost & found report. Where should I go?2021-07-29
3.I'd like to request permission to organize club activities, hang up posters, etc.2021-07-29
4.I lost my pet. Who can help?2021-07-29
5.I am an NTU alumnus/alumna. I would like to apply for an Alumni Card, make donations, look up old classmates, or participate in alumni events. Which office should I contact?2021-08-02
6.I'd like to apply for a permit for on-campus photography (e.g., for magazine/media reports, or taking wedding photos). Which department should I contact?2021-08-02
7.I'm an NTU faculty member/employee/student. Where do I apply for a parking permit for my car/motorcycle/bicycle, and where can I pick up the permit when it's ready?2021-08-02
8. I am a vendor. Where do I go to receive tender documents, participate in opening of tenders, or access procurement information in general?2021-08-04
9. I am a prospective international student. Which department should I contact for application for admission, or for matters concerning international or exchange students?2021-08-04
10. I'd like to get a Chinese and/or English copy of the NTU Guidebook. Where should I go?2021-08-04
11. I'd like to send mail or packages to a department/office at NTU. What is the mailing address? Where is the Receiving and Dispatching Office?2021-08-04
12. My bicycle was towed. What should I do?2021-08-04
13. What should I do if I'm in danger while on campus?2021-08-04
14. I'm attending a meeting/event at NTU. Where can I look up information about it?2021-08-04
15. I'd like to request the use of a campus facility as a venue for tests, examinations or other activities.2021-08-04
16. Where do I get information about language courses (e.g., Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean)?2021-08-04
17. Where are (paid) photocopy services available?2021-08-04
18. I'm in urgent need of some passport photos. Is there a photo booth available on campus?2021-08-04
19.Where can I find a breastfeeding/lactation room on campus?2021-08-04
20. How do I get to Academia Sinica from NTU?2021-08-04
21. Where is the "International Conference Center" of NTU located?2021-08-04
22.What are the dining options within the NTU campus?2021-10-20
23.Where can I find the service schedules and bus stops for the NTU Inter-campus and Academic Sinica shuttle services?2021-10-20
24.How do I apply for faculty/staff and student dormitories?2021-10-20