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Official Visit Q&A

1.I am an NTU student and I would like to inquire about the following: (1) getting or renewing my student ID card or class attendance card, or replacing a lost one; (2) applying for official transcripts; (3) applying for a certificate of enrollment; (4) applying for leave/reinstatement.
  • 發布單位:Secretariat Affairs Division

Contact the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Division if you are an undergraduate student; or the Graduate Academic Affairs Division if you are a graduate student. You may also use one of two self-service kiosks, labeled Automated Document Application Pay Machine, located (1) near the entrance to the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Division (for undergraduates) and (2) next to the Office of Admissions (for graduate students). Refer to the floor plans on the "OFFICIAL VISIT" web page for the exact locations.