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Major Attractions

The Main Library

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Completed in 1998 and consisting of five stories above ground and one below, the Main Library is located at the eastern end of the Royal Palm Blvd. It houses over eight million volumes, with a Special Collections section on the fifth floor where rare books and documents are archived. The library’s architectural elements echo those of the Imperial University-era buildings along the Royal Palm Blvd. In particular, the design of the large, elegant arched windows of its façade have been borrowed from the Old Main Library. The bell tower on the library’s north side offers a certain degree of asymmetry to make the library complex more interesting. Upon entering the library, one will find the soaring four-story high entrance area quite soothing. Whether it is the special humanities collection on the 3rd floor, the Learning Commons, the 24-hour study room, NTU Press Bookstore, or the Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Resource Center located on B1, they all attest to the library’s unique position as both the visual and academic focal point of the NTU campus.