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Major Attractions

Xiao-Fu Square, Xiao-Xiao-Fu Food Services and Agricultural Products Sales Center

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Xiao-Fu (mini convenience shop) and Xiao-Xiao-Fu (super-mini convenience shop) are the nicknames of two membership-based campus food courts. The former is located next to the Putong Lecture Building and the latter is just across from the Gongtong Lecture Building. Both offer an assortment of fast food, beverages, fresh produce and also general merchandise. The tea-flavored eggs, in particular, have long been a favorite of visiting alumni and remind them of their good old college days.

The Agricultural Products Sales Center offers farm products produced by the College of Bioresources & Agriculture, including baked goods, sliced bread, frozen treats and fresh milk, which is extremely popular with the local community.

Food courts and commissaries are no longer the only places faculty, staff and students visit to get meals and other necessities. Convenience stores and malls can also be found at dormitories, activity centers, Lixian Hall and other areas around campus. There are also numerous Chinese and western-style restaurants available for both casual meals and fine-dining occasions.