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Fu Bell

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Following President Fu’s passing in 1950, the country’s military commissioned a bell and gifted it to the University in his honor. Initially the faculty and students referred to it simply as the “memorial bell” before eventually naming it the “Fu Bell”. The bell was struck 55 times manually at first and later the frequency was reduced to 22. In 2000 an electronic system was set up to sound the bell 21 times to mark the beginning and end of each class period. A commemorative plaque explains the reason for this peculiar number: “There are only 21 hours available per day because the remaining three hours are reserved for self-reflection.” The true origin of this remark, previously attributed to Fu, remains unknown. If you happen to be in the vicinity at the right time, be sure to listen to the bell’s melodious and reverberating sound. The Fu Bell’s iconic significance has also made it the centerpiece of the university emblem.