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Major Attractions

Main Entrance and University Promenade

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Principal structure completed in 1931
City-designated heritage site

The Main Gate has changed very little since it was first erected following the University’s founding. At the very center of the structure is the security guard’s office, and the color of the bricks in its construction echoes those of the Taihoku Imperial University’s architectural style. Pedestrians and automobiles must enter or exit the campus from either side of the gate. The structure’s foundation and the four lampposts are made of rock quarried from the Ki-Irigan (Qili’an) area of Beitou District. In the early days automobiles to and from Roosevelt Rd. were allowed through the main entrance, but as the volume of traffic began to pick up in the 1970s, the flow of vehicles was redirected to Xinsheng S. Road. Until 1979 the area leading to Roosevelt Rd. then became a free-speech plaza where members of the University and even political dissidents were able to organize activities. Later a triangular lawn of flowers was created to cover the area, but in 2005 the plaza was restored and designated the University Promenade, which still exists today and is again used by members of the NTU community to express their views.