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Planning Your Visit to NTU

You may already have taken our Virtual Tour online, but nothing compares to an actual trip in person to truly experience the beauty of the NTU campus. We look forward to welcoming you to National Taiwan University. By visiting this hidden gem within the Taipei metropolis you can explore the charm of Taiwan's most comprehensive university first-hand.

Tour Packages:
A. General Campus Walking Tours

Our guided tours cover the Main Campus for the most part. Consult the Landmarks and Attractions diagram of the Main Campus below for popular places to visit. As the campus has a total area of 110 hectares, with the Royal Palm Boulevard stretching over 600 meters between the main entrance and the Main Library, we recommend that you spend at least one hour on the guided tour for a more leisurely experience. If you would also like to include indoor museum tours or visits to other NTU locations in your itinerary, please add extra time to the total length of your guided tour.

The following are outdoor guided tours we currently offer. If you would like to include an indoor tour (e.g. a museum visit), please refer to the section B. Outdoor Guide Tours with Museum Visits for more information.

Art editor Img

Route   Attractions Length of time



Main Entrance---Gallery of NTU History (exterior)---  College of Liberal Arts, Fu Bell, Administration Building (exterior) (core area of historic buildings)---First Student Activity Center (offices of student clubs, student restaurants)---Main Library (exterior)---  Liugongjun Pool (Taipei's historical irrigation site, Agricultural Experimental Farm)---

Lu Ming Square (areas with student activities, including restaurants and stores)---

Campus entrance




Main Entrance---Fu Ssu-nien Memorial Garden (in memory of the University President for whom the eponymous garden is named) ---Gallery of NTU History (exterior)---College of Liberal Arts, Fu Bell, Administration Building (exterior)---First Student Activity Center--- Main Library (exterior)---Liugongjun Pool---Lu Ming Square---

Campus entrance



Red+Blue+Yellowish Brown

Main Entrance---Gallery of NTU History (exterior)---College of Liberal Arts, Fu Bell, Administration Building (exterior)---Xiao-Fu Food Services (area of student activities, including restaurants and stores)---Drunken Moon Lake (natural scenic spot overseeing the sports complex and fields and the Common Subjects Classroom Building)---First Student Activity Center--- Main Library (exterior)---Liugongjun Pool---Lu Ming Square---

Campus entrance


Cost: Free of charge

Reservation information:

Group size limits: 5–40 participants per group (there is no minimum size limit for official visits or academic exchange parties)
Who can apply: Due to limited manpower resources, we currently offer guided tours only to groups of visitors aged 13 or above for the following purposes:

  1.  Official visit: visiting NTU on official business.
  2.  Academic exchange: visiting for the purpose of conducting exchange with an academic department at NTU.
  3. Visit by an alumni group: members of the group are NTU graduates.
  4. Field trips for secondary schools: visiting party must be led by a teacher and consists of members of a class from a junior or senior high school.

* The NTU campus is accessible to the general public and all parties are welcome to visit us at their own pace. Download the visitor brochure if necessary. During special festivities (e.g. anniversary celebrations for the University's founding each November and the NTU Azalea Festival in March), we offer special guided tours to the public. Stay informed of the latest development on our website.
Available languages:

  1. English
  2.  Japanese (subject to the availability of Japanese-speaking guides during the semester)

Tour schedule:
Monday through Friday (closed on weekends and national holidays)
No guided tours are offered to the public during inter-semester breaks, as no fully trained guides are available (refer to the announcements on the "Reservation System" for guided tours).

Reserving a guided tour:
Go to the NTU Visitor Center's "Reservation System" website for
guided tours and request a tour online three weeks in advance (no reservations by telephone are accepted). If a particular date shown on the Reservation System's calendar is blank, it means that either there are no tour guides available or tours are fully booked on the indicated date.
If the reservation is booked through a travel agency, please make sure that personal contact information (e.g., e-mail address) for the visiting organization is provided during the reservation process, so that the Center can reach out to confirm the purpose of the visit.
If you have any questions please feel free to write to the Visitor Center.

B. Outdoor Guide Tours with Museum Visits

Please refer to the section A. General Campus Walking Tours for the available routes of outdoor tours. If you would like to include museums in your itinerary, you may contact them via the Center. However, the final arrangements will have to be confirmed by both the Center and the museums.
Each museum visit will last about half an hour. Refer to each museum's website for its features and collections and for contact information.
If museums are the sole destinations of your visit to NTU, we suggest that you contact the museums to arrange the tours on your own, as in such cases the Visitor Center will not be able to make the arrangements on your behalf.

Cost: Free of charge

To visit an NTU department, institute or other units

Please contact the academic units or divisions you intend to visit directly. For contact information click on "Academics" on the NTU website. Each academic unit will determine if it will be able to accommodate your request. If you would like to incorporate your visits to the academic units into a general NTU guided tour, we suggest that you reserve the tour for the time period immediately preceding or following those visits. The Visitor Center can then adjust the starting time and length of the tour as well as its itinerary accordingly.

Alumni groups

Your alma mater welcomes you! We encourage our alumni to stay with us for a few more days to reminisce about their days at NTU. If you have special requirements for the tour, by all means contact us to discuss the possibilities. You are also encouraged to get in touch with the Alumni Center and apply for an Alumni Card. Please join the alumni network and become a lifelong member of NTU!