Apply A Tour
Step 1. Please read the application notice

Application notice

  1. Who can apply:
    Due to limited manpower resources, we currently offer guided tours only to groups of visitors aged 13 or above for the following purposes:
    (1) Official visit
    (2) Academic exchange
    (3) Visit by an alumni group
    (4) Field trips for secondary schools
  2. Our guided tours cover the Main Campus for the most part. Consult the Landmarks and Attractions diagram of the web page.
  3. Group size limits: 5–40 participants per group. Tours are available when the reservation calendar have spaces to choice.
  4. Tour schedule:
    Monday through Friday (closed on weekends and national holidays) No guided tours are offered to the public during inter-semester breaks, as no fully trained guides are available (refer to the announcements on the "Reservation System" for guided tours).
  5. Reservations:
    Group tours must be reserved at least 3 weeks in advance through our online reservation system.

*After clicking on the desired tour, complete the registration form. Verify all fields are complete and that the email address is correct before clicking Submit. After the reservation request is submitted, check the email account used for registration. There will be a confirmation email containing detailed instructions.
***If you don't receive an e-mail immediately, your reservation was not successfully completed.
*When providing numerical information (e.g. age) on our Reservation System, please type in individual numbers and not a range of numbers. Also refrain from using full-width characters. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
If you have any questions, please mail us at